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The birth of Projexity

We’re a team with a mighty vision: to make it easier for anyone, from small communities to large organizations, to engage the public in social impact projects.

We saw an opportunity...

As we talked to more and more people in the social impact world, we began to appreciate the kinds of challenges they face while running projects.

They're pressed for time

People understand the importance of having a beautiful, clear website to get their project’s story out there (and one that they themselves can easily create and manage), but they don't have a lot of time to work on their web presence - they're too busy trying to run their projects.

Their content management is failing

The nature of most social impact projects is that they evolve and change. People find it hard to stay on top of things as their projects evolve and one of the reasons is that their content is all over the place.

They can't measure their impact

People want to be able to assess the success (or failure) of their projects, but when it comes to layering on engagement and the experiences of their audience, they're often not getting the full picture.

They're not engaging their audience

In an age of information overload (shout out to cats and goats), an engagement project needs to hook an audience right away. Social impact project managers know this is the only way to success.

...and built a solution for all.

Here are some of the ways we believe we can help people create better social impact projects:

A snapshot and a story

Social impact projects that are built with Projexity unfold like a story, rather than a pitch. It’s all the content and information for your project, re-jigged in a more digestible, compelling way.

We'll do the heavy lifting

Our Project Canvas is perfect for busy people who need an easy way to organize their projects. Add and change content easily, coordinate with team members, and launch a canvas in minutes.

Data that you can actually use

There’s a lot to learn from every social impact project, especially when it involves engagement. Start with what you want to discover and we’ll help set up the metrics and data format to get you there.

A platform for engagement

Fire off quick calls-to-action or place a call for submissions from the public. Now you can maximize your reach, from those who are super-hungry to get involved with your project to those who just want to casually follow along.


Nicolas Koff


M.Arch, University of Pennsylvania
MLA, University of Pennsylvania
BA hon., University of Toronto
Nicolas graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with an M.Arch and an M.L.A and has worked in some of the world's most innovative design firms, including Ateliers Jean Nouvel in Paris and MAD in Beijing. When he isn't working on strategy and design for Projexity, Nicolas is involved in research and academia at the University of Toronto or cooking outrageously convoluted dishes.

Marisa Bernstein


MLA, University of Pennsylvania
BFA hon., University of Delaware
Marisa is a graduate from the University of Pennsylvania's School of Design, where she earned a master's degree in landscape architecture. She's worked as a designer and project manager on social impact projects, so she knows what it's like to be in the shoes of Projexity's customers. She spends her free time walking around Toronto, planning trips to walk around other cities and taking care of her prized avocado plant and (also prized) cat.

Jonathan Koff

Co-founder/lead programmer

BCS, University of Waterloo
Jonathan is a graduate from the University of Waterloo and a former Google software engineer. Having worked on everything from phone drivers to e-commerce platforms, Jonathan brings not only computer science skills to Projexity, but also insights from his technical project management and startup experience. When he isn’t programming or playing with cats (or programming cats), he’s often studying different languages.

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